About us

Who are we? 

We are a small company newly started with myself kyle, and my partner Melissa, we wanted to start a company that is built on trust and being fair with the people who love our products, we want to do our bit to help this planet we live on become a better place, not only for humans but for the rest of the animal kingdom, we want to sell products that have not been tested on animals, sell products that are fairly traded even if this means our profit margin is small, we want to sell products with the least amount of environmental impact as possible 

Postage and Packaging 

we charge £2.95 for all packages or offer free delivery on any orders over £15, our packaging is all environmentally friendly, including our bubble wrap which is completely bio degradable, we use shredded paper from local companies and using cardboard boxes that are also from local companies, we try and reuse all packaging we receive from any orders and we know our customers will share our passion in recycling and reusing, so if you receive packages in amazon parcels or walkers crisp boxes, you know why! :) 


Our Honest Opinion

on some of your products you will see " our honest opinion" section, we realize that buying scented good on line can be tricky, especially if they have am unusual name, so we try and give our opinion on the scent, to give you a rough idea, but as always, we are only human, what we like, you may not, and what we don't like, you may love, but we feel because we want to be completely honest and not say something is amazing if it isn't, but we wouldn't be selling anything we hated anyway 

Email Address

if you ever need to ask us any questions or any queries please email us at thewoodenelephant@hotmail.com



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