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About us

Who are we? 

We are a small company with myself kyle, and my partner Melissa, we wanted to start a company that is built on trust and being fair with the people who love our products, we want to do our bit to help this planet we live on become a better place, not only for humans but for the rest of the animal kingdom, we want to sell products that have not been tested on animals, sell products that are fairly traded even if this means our profit margin is small, we want to sell products with the least amount of environmental impact as possible 


Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes, all of our products are vegan friendly unless otherwise stated, some of our products are not suitable for those who suffer with nut allergies, so please either ask us or double check the description before purchasing, all of our products will still come under cruelty free, our soap creators have been approved by the vegetarian society as vegan approved 

Are your products really handmade?

Yes, they are, we work very closely with our soap creators, who handmade our great products following strict recipes and guide lines, this is why when on the rare occasion we do run out of stock of something it can take 4-6 weeks for them to be back in stock, you can rest assured that our products are as fresh as they possibly can be as we also do not sell (unless reduced ) anything that we have had for over 2 months, we constantly keep check on our soap storage to ensure the best possible quality products 



Our soap and shampoo do not contain SLS. Our soap does contain SLES which is a totally different foaming agent, even though the names look very similar. SLES is a very mild and gentle foaming agent that is normally very well tolerated by sensitive skin.

Do you use Parabens?

No, all of our products are completely paraben free!

Postage and Packaging 

we charge £3.50 for all packages or offer free next day delivery on any orders over £20, We often use the boxes that we and our friends get, along with boxes from local companies, so you may receive your wooden elephant products inside a chocolate box or a crisp box! we think this is a great we to reuse boxes that would otherwise be wasted, however when we do not have one of these boxes suitable we use recycled cardboard boxes to package your good, we also use shredded paper, again paper we shred and from local companies, this is further reducing our plastic use, the shredded paper is also great for your compost bin! and recently to improve our eco ethos we are using sticky paper tape, before we used recycled plastic tape, but we want to move away from as much plastic as we possibly can! 


How fast is delivery?

We hand cut each and every soap and shampoo freshly for you when you place your order, so with this in mind please allow 1-2 working days to process your order and get it shipped out for you, all orders over £20 will be sent with free next day delivery, 


My soap has formed a wet layer, what do i do ?

This is a common problem with glycerin based soap that is left in any type of slightly damp environment. If the soap has a high glycerin content, as ours does, it will attract moisture from any environment it is stored in. Even sitting a bar near an open window for 10 minutes when it has been raining will cause the bars to get a ‘wet’ layer on them. Sadly, this cannot be avoided in certain situations. We can advise that by keeping the environment warm with good air flow will help reduce this, when the soap is not in use place on a drain able surface or a soap dish will help your soap and shampoo last longer


Are your products suitable for babies?

our products are not suitable for anyone under the age of 3, we are however hoping to launch a baby care range in the near future, sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date 


Does each products come with ingredients?

Yes, all our products will come with an ingredient list along with other relevant information you may need

Our Honest Opinion

on some of your products you will see " our honest opinion" section, we realise that buying scented good on line can be tricky, especially if they have an  unusual name, so we try and give our opinion on the scent, to give you a rough idea, but as always, we are only human, what we like, you may not, and what we don't like, you may love, but we feel because we want to be completely honest and not say something is amazing if it isn't, but we wouldn't be selling anything we hated anyway 

Email Address

if you ever need to ask us any questions or any queries please email us at



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