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Stress relief incense sticks by elements

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Stress relief incense sticks by elements 

stress relief is a combination of lavender, orange blossom and thyme. chosen for their relaxing and calming properties 

our honest opinion : i have to agree with what the box says, its a rather beautiful soft blend that works really well together, the lavender isn't to strong, its subtle and really lets the orange smell great, i often find orange in incense sticks to be weak, but these work really well 

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pick and mix incense sticks, choose any 5 incense sticks get 1 packet for free ( please add five to basket then add a note to order stating which free packet you would like, if non stated one will be added at random )

each hexagonal packets contains 20 incense sticks, you can burn these to let of the fragrance or simply leave them around the house and change every couple of weeks for a unique scent 

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